About Us

In 2004, we were informed of the retirement of the Syracuse Cinephile Society’s Annual Cinefest.

The “family reunion” seemed to be over. But thankfully, there was a core group of wonderful, dedicated people who encouraged me to re-invent a classic movie festival here in the Buffalo-Niagara, New York state, area.

There are so many names that it will be difficult to get them all in, and if I have forgotten anyone who offered help and advice, please excuse me.

This show couldn’t have come about without expert advice from Syracuse stalwarts Any and Lois Eggars, as well as Gerry Orlando, Bob Oliver, and the rest of the gang.

Also, I was blessed with enthusiastic and knowledgeable people locally in the person of Dave Barnes, our chief projectionist, along with Craig Davison and Dave Donagala.

Much of the organizational help was spearheaded by my great friend Jerry Ritch, who guided me through the set-up of the show.

Then there are my long-time film collecting friends who have generously helped in providing us with some top flight movies, including Dave Shepard, James D’Arc, Dennis Atkinson, Jack Roth, Gary Balaban, and my late friend Dennis Carey, whose enthusiasm was unbounded and will be here in spirit as his family attends and his daughter, Denise, will present her movie.

And finally, to all you great fans of classic film who are making the journey to the Buffalo-Niagara region, may you have a great time, good weather to sightsee, and enjoy the show!