A Special Announcement from Alex Bartosh ~

Dear friends,

I hope that all of you have weathered the previous year safely and are in good shape for 2021.

We here at the WNY MOVIE EXPO staff have been working to keep last year’s cancelled show ready to resume this year. As you may have observed from last year’s flyer, the show has been moved back to the airport area (but not that same hotel).

This will enable many positives to the show experience. First of all, the Delavan-Salvatore Hotel and Spa complex is situated within a few minutes from the airport with free transportation to and from the hotel. For those who will be driving, the hotel is practically off the thru-way exit with free secure parking.

Also, there are many nearby restaurants, motels, and shopping malls on Transit Road. You need not feel trapped by an inner-city hotel with none of these features just mentioned.

Things are opening up daily as far as COVID-related protocols are concerned. You will most likely still wear a mask when not in a restaurant settings such as the dealers’ room or the screening room. Chairs are moveable so couples and small groups who attend together can sit apart in the usual 6-foot manner. With some of the theaters I’ve been squeezed into, this will be a welcome change.

Now, some painful but necessary questions must be answered by you. We are still planning the last weekend in July for our event. The dates are Thursday, July 29th, starting at 5 pm; Friday, July 30th, 10 am till midnight; and Saturday, July 31st, 10 am till midnight.

This means nice warm weather, but also it is during the height of the tourist season, which brings premium hotel costs. We have negotiated an average price of $150 per night. This includes a free pre-packaged continental breakfast. The buffet previously announced has been suspended, unless those restrictions are lifted by the end of July. So, if you are staying at the Delavan Center or the “sister” hotel 5/10ths of a mile up the road, you will be given free shuttle between hotels and free shuttle to and from the nearby airport.

There are more than 40 restaurants in the general area for your lunch and dinner choices that suit your budget.

The hotel can also provide a dinner for those who don’t wish to drive to a restaurant or have a car.

A free shuttle to nearby malls with restaurants is provided. More details will be posted here, on our official website in upcoming weeks. 

We want to ensure that you will enjoy a vacation experience with your visit to the Buffalo-Niagara area. 

Now, the tough-love questions.

This pandemic has affected many people financially. Some have lost their jobs, some have been forced to get alternative fill-in jobs, and some are simply not able to afford the expense of travel even if you are wishing to attend the festival. 

With that in mind, we have shaved a day off the festival so that it will end on Saturday evening late, and many can either leave for home at any time Saturday or early Sunday morning. We will still have a Thursday program, but it will not begin until around 5 pm, so those driving some distance will have most of the day to get here and not miss out on any screenings.

We have posted on the Hotel page of our website information about nearby hotel and motels, as there are limited rooms at the Delavan-Salvatore facility. For more information about any of these hotels, including the Delavan-Salvatore hotel, please click on the hotel links on the Hotel page of this website. You are not required to stay at the facility if you can find alternate rooming accommodations. 

Question Number 1 – Are you planning to attend the festival this summer if all things are back to normal? You need not pre-register. Just get in your car and come on down! You would be advised to book your room at either The Delavan or Garden Place. However, if you are taking a pet or wish to price-shop for nearby accommodations, we would suggest that you check our postings of nearby hotels or go online and shop for a rate. You can cancel your room reservations with most of these hotels if you give 24 hours notice, but each hotel has their deadlines.

Question Number 2 – Is the July date agreeable with your plans? We know of no conflicting shows on this weekend.

Question Number 3 – Do you find the film program we are posting to your liking? It’s not too late to add or change a few things around, but we WILL have a finalized program that STICKS to the schedule. 

Question Number 4 – Our dealers have a variety of collectibles to offer but we would like to know what your primary collecting favorites are. Books? Videos? Film? Posters and movie paper? Records & CDs of related movie, radio & TV? Please mention other items you seek out when you attend the collecting portion of our show.

Question Number 5 – For you who come for the film program, what are your favorite types of movies that you look forward to? Comedies? Westerns? Film Noir? Science-Fiction? Musical? Documentary? Animation? Any other categories you can recommend? Even if you are not attending this year, your feedback is welcome for future shows.

Please eMail us with you input. It’s not mandatory, but it will help us know how many to expect for safe seating arrangements should they still be necessary by the end of July.

A few shows have already been cancelled or pushed back to late in the year. It is difficult to predict when all conditions will be back to normal. There is no requirement for early registration. You can make a last-minute decision once we make our official announcement of the show. This can only happen when the hotel complex gets the go-ahead to reopen to the public.

With three months to go, there is some room for optimism. To our friends in Canada, we hope the borders will be open, and all systems “go” for travel.

To those of you who fly in to the airport, if you see that safety conditions are in place, remember the free transportation from the airport to the hotel and back.

Your early input will greatly affect whether we can resume our annual “family reunion” of old friends and new ones as well.

Looking forward to your input.



Dear friends,

We’re making plans now to be back for a sixth year in 2021 for our annual Western New York Movie Expo here in Buffalo, New York. All you film-watchers can visit this site to get the latest bookings we are making.

Our 2021 schedule for this year’s Expo is still in development, but you can take a look at our 2019 Expo and get an idea of the wide variety of rare movies we screen – Hollywood’s Golden Era, silent movies with live musical accompaniment by Jeff Rapsis, vintage television, and vintage animation classics.

And you won’t want to miss our Movie Memorabilia Emporium! Last year, dealers from New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, and other cities brought you posters, books, DVDs, movie reels, autographs, cameras, and many other collectibles.

Two screening rooms will bring a variety of films to the schedule. If you miss a scheduled movie, we will re-run it in one of the two screening rooms for you.

This is a film festival for movie fans of all ages – and seeing movies with an audience is always more fun! So is making new friends and catching up with “old comrades in collecting”.

Festival Highlights for 2021

Highlights of 2021 ~

Our 2021 schedule is in development, but here’s a look at the movies we have planned ~

All Through the Night (1942) – Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Jack Gleason, and more

The Bamboo Prison (1954) – Brian Keith, EG Marshall in cold war thriller

Bedtime Story (1941) – Frederick March, Loretta Young, Eve Arden

Breakfast in Hollywood (1946) – musical, Nat King Cole, Spike Jones, Billie Burke

Bindle (One of Them Days) (1966) – Alfie Bass British comedy in I.B. Tech

A Dangerous Game (1941) – murder-comedy, with Richard Arlen and great supporting cast

Circle of Danger (1951) – Ray Milland in post-war “noir” thriller, directed by Jaques Tourner

College Humor (1933) – Bing Crosby, Jack Oakie, Burns & Allen, Richard Arlen

The Crawling Eye (1958) – Forrest Tucker, Jennifer Jayne in Sci-Fi thriller

Five Against the House (1955) – Kim Novac, Guy Madison, Brian Keith in “noir” drama

Forbidden Fruit (1921) – Agnes Ayers in a DeMille feature – with music

Le Roi des Champs Elysees (1935) – Buster Keaton in French feature with sub-titles

Lady of Secrets (1936) – Ruth Chatterton, Otto Kruger, Lionel Atwill, Marion Marsh

Laughter in Paradise (1951) – Alastair Sim, Fay Compton, George Cole

Law and Disorder (1958) – Michael Redgrave, Robert Morley

A Man’s Game (1934) – Tim McCoy in a rare non-western adventure, Ward Bond, Evelyn Knapp

Street Angel (1927) – Janet Gaymor in a Frank Borzage feature – with music

Nightmare (1942) – Brian Donlevy, Diana Barrymore, Henry Daniel

Night of Terror (1933) – starring Bela Lugosi

On Approval (1943) – Beatrice Lillie in British drawing room comedy with Clive Brook

Paths to Paradise (1926) – Raymond Griffith with music

Port Sinister (1953) – rare sci-fi film

The Pied Piper (1942) – Monty Woolley, Anne Baxter, roddy McDowell, Otto Preminger

Postman’s Knock (1962) – Spike Milligan, Barbara Shelley, Miles Malleson, Bob Todd

Riley the Cop (1928) – John Ford silent era comedy – with music

Six Hours to Live (1932) – Warner Baxter, John Boles

So This is Paris? (1920) – full Weine version – with music

Supernatural (1933) – Carole Lombard and Randolph Scott

This Day and Age (1934) – Directed by Cecil B. DeMille

To the Ends of the Earth (1948) – Dick Powell in a “noir” thriller

The Undying Monster (1942) – James Ellison

Woman in Hiding (1950) – Ida Lupino, Stephen McNally, Howard Duff in a thriller

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Delavan Hotel and Spa ~ Our Event Hotel

Our Event Hotel ~

The Delavan Hotel and Spa is our event hotel, located at ~

6461 Transit Road
Buffalo, NY 14043
Telephone – 716-635-9000
Toll-Free – 877-456-4097

Find out more about the Delavan, as well as other hotels in the area, on the Hotel page.

Tickets and Hours

Tickets and Hours ~

Planning to attend all three days? Get the “Weekend Package” and save! Daily admission tickets are also available.

Weekend package ~

  • $25 – Pre-registration
  • $25 – At the door

Daily admission ~

  • $10 – Thursday, Friday, or Saturday

More information about tickets is available on the Tickets page.


Hours ~

Doors to the Movie Expo open at 10 am on Friday and Saturday.

Daily hours for both the Dealers’ Room and the Expo Room are as follows ~

  • Thursday – 5 pm to 9 pm
  • Friday – 10 am to 12 midnight
  • Saturday – 10 am to 12 midnight

Getting Here

Getting Here ~

Our event hotel – the Delavan Hotel and Spa, located at 6461 Transit Road, in Buffalo, New York – is easily reached by both car and plane.

By Car ~ Driving to Buffalo? The Delavan Hotel and Spa is convenient to Interstate I-90. If you’re traveling on I-90, take Exit 49, towards NY-78 south.

By Plane ~ Flying into Buffalo? Buffalo Niagara International Airport is most convenient to the Delavan Hotel and Spa.

The Delavan Hotel and Spa offers a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

Coffee and Travel Mugs

Coffee and Travel Mugs ~

Now available in our online Shop – unique coffee mugs and travel mugs. These mugs are perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage during the Western New York Movie Expo.

Coffee mugs are $7.95 each. Travel mugs are $12.95 each. Orders are fulfilled by GearBubble.

Find out more, including links to order, on our Shop page.