Auction 2019

This is being planned as a “silent auction” whereby any bidder can simply put their bid on paper here at the show or by email and submit it. It’s almost like an on-line snipe. Your name will be kept confidential. Only your bid will be posted.

Simply go with your best offer.

If you turn out to be the only bidder, you will be awarded the sale at the opening reserve. Simply as though you had walked in and bought it off the table for the asking price.

If you out-bid another bidder (whether here at the show or with an on-line email bid), you will pay only the amount $5.00 over the previous losing bidder. We go with $5.00 increments. The highest bid will be posted for each item here at the show, but the snipe bid you give via email will be confidential to make it fair for all. So, an in-house bidder may submit a bid but will be told that there is a higher bid. If your email bid is finally surpassed, we will send you an email advising you so you can decide to raise your bid or else bow out.

No “buyer’s premium” will be assessed as often happens at auction houses. (Usually up to 20%)

However, if you use PayPal to pay for the item, then we will have to cover the PayPal fees (roughly 4%) and also compute a fair shipping cost for the winner if not in attendance. That cost is determined by how far the package will be shipped. We can do shipping-payment arrangements by phone or email. Nothing will be shipped from here at the hotel but in a day or so from our headquarters.

Postal rates vary as you know. A distant bidder may pay a little more for the package than one here in New York State or other states nearby.

You must register in advance if you do not intend to be here at the show. You can do this by eMail by providing the following:

NAME ~ ________________________________________________

ADDRESS ~ _____________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP ~ ______________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ~ _______________________________________

PHONE ~ _______________________________________________

Remember, the earlier you sign up, the better your chances of winning. Go with your best offer and you will be notified if you win the item. If you receive an email before the 7:00 p.m. E.S.T. deadline it will probably be to advise you that you have been out-bid (just like the on-line auctions) Any further questions, feel free to ask. We only have two months to go!


These 20 PDF files display the items up for auction. Click on a PDF file, and it will open in a new window. Each PDF file may also be printed.

Film Page 1
Film Page 2
Film Page 3
Film Page 4
Film Page 5
Film Page 6
Film Page 7
Film Page 8
Film Page 9
Film Page 10
Film Page 11
Film Page 12
Film Page 13
Film Page 14
Film Page 15
Film Page 16
Film Page 17
Film Page 18
Film Page 19
Film Page 20